23-2-2010 TO 6-06-2010

Confluences in clay is an exploration of the uncommon formal associations existing among forty ceramic pieces from the traditional cultures of black Africa and the Western artistic scene.

Most of the similarities on view in this exhibition can be explained by a simple convergence phenomenon owing, to a large extent, to the use in both continents of the same creative and ornamental techniques - modelling, appliqué, stamping and so on-, and the existence of a common ornamental repertoire inspired by nature and geometry. However other similarities are the result of a direct influence by Africa on the West.

Such is the case of creators like Picasso, Madola and Santi Moix, whose fascination with African art and culture pervaded their work most clearly, enriching it with simple forms and coarse textures of touching beauty.



  • the potter's guide to ceramic surfaces - Jo Connell
  • The complete potter - Steve Mattison
  • La cerámica - Joaquim Chavarria
  • El torno - Isabel Barbaformosa
  • Out of the earth Into the fire - Mimi Obstler